LDT London Session 1–  24 November 2020

Challenges for Learning Disability Services during the COVID pandemic

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Alison BloomerGood morning everyone and welcome to the 20th Annual LDT London.
Christine HicksHi Alison.  Greetings from Surrey
Adeola Omotanwa SholanaGood morning everyone
Rosie ThomasGood morning all
Alison BloomerHi Everyone.  I am Juliette.  I am your Moderator for today and working in the backend to ensure that everything works smoothly with the attendees
Sarah ChristieGood morning
Alison BloomerPlease say Hello and tell us where you are all from!
Sophie Thompsonhello from Margate
Pauline ObazeGood Morning All
Alison Robinson-Rowegood morning. I’m in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Aderemi AjagbeHello, am from Thurrock
Beth WoodwardHi Alison from CoCoCare in Colchester
Hadassa Kesslergood morning, joining from London
Jan AlcoeJan Alcoe
Sarah MitchellGood morning all from Stoke-on-Trent
Olayinka AwolekeGood morning joining from london south banlk
Alison BloomerIf you do have any questions, please type them here so that we can flag them to the presenters
David JennerThanks Alison– will do!
Monsurat OladunjoyeGood morning  this is Monsurat from London South Bank University.
Kayode AderinwaleHello This is Hello everyone. This is Kayode from London South Bank University
Shaji RajamonyAny thoughts of advises to autistic people going to  celebrate a new pandemic Christmas .Everyone’s approach is different but any pointers?.
Christine Hickshow can we make sure that everyone has the IT equipment that they need to keep in touch?
Olayinka AwolekeHow can I join the membership (LDE)
Rosie ThomasThank you Sam and Gary for the presentation, this was really interesting.  Do you have any examples or stories of people’s experiences getting help and support from Councils and Health Services during the pandemic?  Have people been able to get the help they need?
Jan AlcoeWhat’s the best technology available that would help people with learning disabilities to connect?
Alison BloomerQuestion – Any thoughts of advises to autistic people going to celebrate a new pandemic Christmas .Everyone’s approach is different but any pointers?
Tracey MurphyGood morning everybody, from  primary care liaison in Hull
Sarah ChristieIs there any funding streams or charities that can help those with learning disabilities access IT equipment appropriate from them?
Alison BloomerQuestion – What’s the best technology available that would help people with learning disabilities to connect?
Tracey MurphyWould an easy read version of how to use track and trace app be benificial
Beth WoodwardFYI – Essex County Council are providing tablets called Alcove units to enable people to keep in touch with friends and support services free of charge.
Adesola Adefemicannt hear
Alison BloomerAre you able to hear anyone?
Adesola Adefemino
Alison BloomerAt the top of the screen, click reconnect and see if that assists you with your sound issues as sound is fine on our side
Adesola AdefemiI can hear now
Adesola Adefemithanks
Alison BloomerThanks Adesola.  Its a pleasure to assist you
Jan Alcoeon Julie’s theme about staying active and connected could you flat up tomorrow’s seminar on Keeping Busy and Connected at 2pm and maybe the link to the event information?ted, could you highlight tomorrow’s seminar on
Alison BloomerNo problem.  I am busy typing a message about it as we speak
Adeola Omotanwa SholanaThank you for this information Beth
Adesola Adefemican we have copy of this presentation send to us?
Rosie ThomasThat would be great as I would love to share with me team
Rosie ThomasThank you Julie, that was super interesting.  Do you have any thoughts around how support providers can be helped to get creative and work differently, especially where people living in shared homes may have very different needs (e.g. one person may need to isolate, but one may not which has an impact on people living harmoniously together!)
Jan AlcoeDon’t forget, tomorrow’s LDT webinar is on practical ways of supporting people to keep busy, connected and learn at 2pm
Jan AlcoeDo you want to take Gary off screen, he’s been sittiing up there in full view for a long time!
Chris StringerI have suddenly lost the sound. Is this just me?
Alison Bloomerwe cannot remove him from our side.  he has to remove himself
Alison BloomerHi Chris.  Sound seems fine on this side.  Try the reconnect button in the middle top of the screen and see if that corrects the problem?
Chris StringerThank you. That worked.
Alison BloomerIm glad to hear that.  Its a pleasure
Jan AlcoeAt the end Alison, could you let people know where to look for info about the next 4 webinars, and maybe run through what’s coming up? Tuesday  2pm you’ve got already, Monday 30th 4pm Sex and Relationships Education for Young People and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Tuesday 2pm Trauma informed Care Wed … haven’t got details Thanks, you’re doing brilliantly
Jan AlcoeAnd maybe that all the webinars will be recorded and available if anyone can’t make the time?
Alison BloomerHi Jan.  Its actually Juliette thats replying on Alison’s behalf as I have her login.  I will ask Alison to mention all the webinars at the end of her hosting.  I cannot put offers together for all of them unfortunately.
Jan AlcoeGreat! thanks. I can’t find any info on LD Today site??
Alison BloomerI know.  I sent you an email saying I will chat to you after this webinar about it.

Coping with the pandemic is challenging for all of us, but this is particularly true for people with a learning disability, who may not understand why certain changes are happening, and who may have even less choice and control over their lives than usual. We need to understand how loss of contact with family and friends, day services, respite, voluntary roles or employment, and grief is affecting the emotional wellbeing of this group.

About the debate panel 

Julie Beadle Brown
Julie Beadle-Brown
Steve Hardy
Steve Hardy
Learning Disability Nurse

Julie is a Professor in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at Kent and Professor in Disability at La Trobe University, Australia. Professor Beadle-Brown completed her Masters in French and Pschology and PhD at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Her PhD focused on imitation, theory of mind and play in autistic children and adults.
In 1998 Julie was appointed as Lecturer in Learning Disability to teach on the Service Issues and Research Methods modules of a newly developed MSc in Analysis and Intervention in Learning Disability. Since then, she has played a key role in developing the use of e-learning and distance learning at the Tizard Centre and has developed new programmes in Autism Studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

I am dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of people with learning disabilities and the continued development and the strengthening of this branch of nursing.

My clinical experience has included both the mental and physical health of adults in prevention, promoting the public health agenda and multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary interventions. I have a proven track record across a number of areas which include: developing and delivering high quality levels of service in clinical practice, education and development, leadership and consultancy, service development and evaluation. I have worked in three NHS Trusts in both clinical and education roles and have worked both home and abroad to develop and improve services.

Sam Clark
Sam Clark
Chief Executive of Learning Disability England

Sam has worked in several places supporting people to live independently. Sam learnt a lot about communities and how to get involved in making communities and people’s lives better.
Sam is passionate about the contribution we all can make being valued & recognised & is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with & learn from other people.

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