Facing the reality of racial inequality in services and building a better one

Summary: From instances of physical violence while being sectioned under the Mental Health Act to the fact that community treatment orders are 10 times more likely to be used on Black people, especially young Black men, the evidence that mental health services are functioning under racial bias is inarguable. How can we change our services to reflect the diversity of our community? And in doing so, address the institutionalised racism that has made services feel so unsafe for many Black and Minority Ethnic people.

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Mary is the Policy Officer working to deliver NSUN’s rights-based policy function and a 3-year project looking at the social determinants of mental health issues.

Mary has a background in bio-social anthropology and is particularly interested in intergenerational trauma and forced migration. She has previously worked at Cancer Research UK (Oxford Centre) in project management and at PsychUP for Wellbeing, a student mental health change programme where she focused on communications strategy.