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Reach Your Audience in Realtime 

Speak directly to your audience through one of our virtual live events.

As Pavilion Publishing has evolved to meet the needs of our audience so too have we met the needs of our sponsors and advertisers.

What we offer:
  • Data: built-up over the past 20 years we have an unpresented reach in the LD sector 
  • Over 4,000 (count) email data base 
  • Our Social channels reach xxxx
  • Expert presenters  
  • Access to data collected from the event
  • Realtime tracking from live event and replays 
  • Filtered data capture from the event
  • Segmented data from your sponsored event event 
  • Bespoke page with video replay for post event marketing traffic .
  • Option to filter data with a bespoke form 
  • “Follow” link to your landing page 

Superior user journey and converted registration and live attendance 

Audience flow

Sign up rates between 40 and 82%

Show up rate between 32 and 73%

Replay rate between 12 and 45%

Realtime analytics and session information 

Realtime reporting and view rates 

Live stats

Data and user segmentation for you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time

Audience behavior1

Bespoke marketing based on behavior and room attendance