Level 1 – Universal

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Children and young people who make good overall progress in most areas of development and receive appropriate universal services, such as health care and education. They may also use leisure and play facilities, housing or voluntary sector services.


  • Physically well
  • Nutritious diet
  • Adequate hygiene & dress
  • Developmental & health checks / immunisations up to date
  • Developmental milestones & motor skills appropriate
  • Sexual activity age-appropriate
  • Good mental health

Emotional Development

  • Good quality early attachments
  • Able to adapt to change
  • Able to understand others’ feelings

Behavioural Development

  • Takes responsibility for behaviour
  • Responds appropriately to boundaries and constructive guidance

Identity and Self-Esteem

  • Can discriminate between safe and unsafe contacts

Family and Social Relationships

  • Stable and affectionate relationships with family
  • Is able to make and maintain friendships


  • Access to books and toys
  • Enjoys and participates in learning activities
  • Has experiences of success and achievement
  • Makes age-related, appropriate progress
  • Sound links between home and school
  • Planning for career and adult life

Basic care, ensuring safety and protection

  • Provide for child’s physical needs, e.g. food, drink, appropriate clothing, medical and dental care
  • Protection from danger or significant harm

Emotional warmth and stability

  • Shows warm regard, praise and encouragement
  • Ensures stable relationships

Guidance, boundaries and stimulation

  • Ensure the child can develop a sense of right and wrong
  • Child / young person accesses leisure facilities as appropriate to age and interests

Family functioning and well-being

  • Good relationships within family, including when parents are separated

Housing, work and income

  • Accommodation has basic amenities and appropriate facilities, and can meet family needs
  • Managing budget to meet individual needs

Social and community including education

  • They have friendships and are able to access local services and amenities
  • Family feels part of the community