10 secrets that no one ever tells you about materials writing

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10 secrets that no one ever tells you about materials writing

Speaker: John Hughes

Date: Wednesday 17th February, 4pm GMT

Price: £5
During the event, we will be offering £10 off the price of ETpedia Materials Writing by John Hughes.

Like many teachers, John Hughes loves writing his own materials. In fact, as soon as he started teaching thirty years ago, he tried writing his own quizzes, making worksheets for students, and creating classroom questionnaires. But, it also meant that he spent more time preparing lessons than teaching them and they didn’t always work! Looking back, he wishes he’d known the answers to questions such as: Why are black and white photos sometimes better than colour? How do I know if a worksheet will work or fail? Why don’t they understand the instructions? How do I check the level of my texts? And, isn’t there an online tool that will write this faster?

​​​​​​​In this interactive talk, these are just some of the questions we’ll be answering as John shares ten (and possibly more) secrets of writing ELT materials, drawing upon ideas that are in ETpedia Materials Writing, to use in live online classes, face-to-face classes or a mix of the two (hybrid classes).

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