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Education in social care and health & safety. Pavilion Learn is a dedicated website providing a porthole to further training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in fields such as medical, health and human services, teacher training, learning difficulties and mental health

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If you’re interested in health, teacher training, social care, and social safety, Pavilion Learn is the right place for you. If you are looking to move up the career ladder or simply have an interest in caring for others, our courses can help you make a difference.

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Exploring mental health, spirituality and wellbeing Course Image

Exploring mental health, spirituality and wellbeing

This webinar will promote an understanding of people’s belief systems rather than a mechanistic approach to mental health services and proves the increasing importance of spirituality in health and social care.

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Punishing Abuse

Learning the lessons from Punishing Abuse: Poverty, deprivation and empowering rich social work practice

If you are working directly with children and young people or managing a team of people that do direct work, this session is for you.

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listening effectively

ELT – 8 guiding principles to help you teach L2 listening effectively

This interactive talk will cover using authentic recordings with learners, the purpose of teaching listening, recognition of the challenges learners face, the nature of spoken English and the differences between listening in the L1 and the L2.

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Improving nutrition

Improving nutrition in the older patient

Older adults are at increased risk of malnutrition due to a variety of social, physiological and psychological reasons. This webinar will be dedicated to exploring the issues associated with malnutrition in older people.

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Effects of trauma
MHT online

Video: How Can Trauma Inform Our Workplaces and Schools

Experts in trauma-informed practice provide an understanding of the effects of trauma on people’s mental health and how professionals in educational and workplace settings can provide leadership.

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New Course!

Developing Personal and Social Skills for Young People and Adults with SEND

This engaging Training the Trainers course is designed to equip health, education and social care staff with the confidence, skill and enthusiasm to run sessions

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Free to be Me

Free to be Me

Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (HCBT) is a new model that builds on the standard CBT approach to help people connect with their sense of identity and meaning in life

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Good Care Leadership Course

Good Care Leadership

A leadership development course for frontline health and care staff that need a simple but powerful framework for becoming better leaders. On and offline practical coursework - CPD accredited.

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Pavilion Learn is here to assist you in developing your social care, health and safety practice.

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With over 30-year in education and training we continue to produce industry-leading handbooks, training materials, journals, and events, and continue to extend our range of services to help you succeed.

We are honored to work with some of the leading authors and thinkers in our industry to deliver the best training from the latest guidelines. 

Meet some of our authors

Julie Reader in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at La Trobe University, Melbourne. She is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of British Psychology Society.
Julie Beadle-Brown
Paul is a highly experienced Consultant Clinical Psychologist and former Charge Nurse. He has a special interest in developing the leadership skills of frontline care and nursing staff in line with their values and ideals.
Paul Whitby
Clinical Psychologist
Damian is an author, consultant, Lecturer in Intellectual and Developmental Disability at Tizard Centre, University of Kent and chair of the Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC). Damian holds a number of academic qualifications.
Dr Damian Milton
Lecturer in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Antonia is a teacher trainer, international conference speaker and writer. Her special interests include the use of video and new technologies in ELT, materials development, creativity and the psychology of language learning.
Antonia Clare
Teacher Trainer