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ELT – Urban myths in ELT

Look at some of the most common myths in education and ELT and examine some alternatives practices which actually do have evidence to support their use. Become a little more sceptical of received wisdom and start to evaluate teaching practices and techniques alongside the evidence.

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listening effectively

ELT – 8 guiding principles to help you teach L2 listening effectively

This interactive talk will cover using authentic recordings with learners, the purpose of teaching listening, recognition of the challenges learners face, the nature of spoken English and the differences between listening in the L1 and the L2.

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ELT online

ELT – Constraints and Creativity in Online Teaching

How can you overcome the constraints of teaching without a physical classroom in order to teach live online in a way you feel is best ELT practice? This interactive talk will answer that and show how these constraints can lead to creative and novel activities.

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