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Mental health and the older patient

Mental health and the older patient

We will discuss the increased demand for dedicated old age psychiatry services and whether cyberpsychiatry will have a greater role in the future. The differences in mental health problems in older adults compared to the young.

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Improving nutrition

Improving nutrition in the older patient

Older adults are at increased risk of malnutrition due to a variety of social, physiological and psychological reasons. This webinar will be dedicated to exploring the issues associated with malnutrition in older people.

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Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

This webinar will discuss prevention of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk in the older patient.

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Cancer and the older patient

This webinar will review the management of the older oncology patient and ask what has changed since Covid-19?

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muscle strength

Muscle strength with Dr Sanjay Suman

This webinar looks at falls risk in older populations and the role of muscle strength in gait balance and sarcopenia.

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Cutaneous manifestations of Covid-19

This presentation will review skin manifestation of Covid-19 looking at clinical features and management.

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