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Mental Health Today Live is once again online! The last two years have been a watershed moment for public health, and our thinking about mental health care in 2022 should be no different....

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Punishing Abuse

Learning the lessons from Punishing Abuse: Poverty, deprivation and empowering rich social work practice

If you are working directly with children and young people or managing a team of people that do direct work, this session is for you.
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Improving nutrition

Improving nutrition in the older patient

Older adults are at increased risk of malnutrition due to a variety of social, physiological and psychological reasons. This webinar will be dedicated to exploring the issues associated with malnutrition in older people.
Effects of trauma
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Video: How Can Trauma Inform Our Workplaces and Schools

Experts in trauma-informed practice provide an understanding of the effects of trauma on people’s mental health and how professionals in educational and workplace settings can provide leadership.