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Managing Stress and Distress:

How to Help, Understand and Support Children and Young People

Managing Stress and Distress

In this webinar, Stan Godek, Child Development Specialist will talk about:

  • Distress and how to help
  • Principles of stress reduction
  • Mindfulness – ‘what it is’ and ‘what it can do’

You’ll enjoy a practical session on regulating children’s moods and emotions, followed by as much time as allows for Q&A with Stan.

Speaker: Stan Godek

Date: Wednesday 12 June 2024

Time: 10.30-11.30am BST

Price: FREE

Description: The webinar will give an accessible overview of how inbuilt stress responses lead to distressed behaviour, the techniques that can build self-regulation skills, and the practical ways in which parents, carers, and educators can help.

Drawing on chapters from his most recent book Managing Stress and Distress: How to Help, Understand and Support Children and Young People, Stan takes an attachment-based and trauma-informed approach that combines the management of short-term distress with a long-term focus on mindfulness, resilience, and regular moments of calm.

Attend to learn about:  

  • Stress and the brain
  • Managing distress in the classroom
  • The impact of stress on learning
  • Distress and the attachment process
  • Stress reduction and mindfulness

This webinar is designed to support: Parents and carers; all education professionals; support groups; youth workers and everyone who is interested in the wellbeing and socio-emotional development of children and young people.

About the Speaker

Stan Godek

Stan Godek - AuthorStan Godek is a specialist, in child development with more than 20 years’ direct experience of working with troubled children and young people across a range of settings in the fields of social work, mental health and probation. Over this time, Stan has developed a wide range of techniques and exercises to help young people to self-regulate their moods and emotions and cope more effectively with the various negative experiences which have impacted on their lives. Stan is also the Founder and Director of SG Training and Consultancy, a network of experts working with schools, nurseries, residential units and fostering agencies

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