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Understanding Teenage Language Learners

Understanding Teenage Language Learners Online Interactive Course

This course consists of three 1 hour videos and a certificate of completion. In the course, Chris will explore all aspects of online teaching to teens so you can deliver manageable, enjoyable and productive lessons.

Speaker: Chris Roland

Recorded: 29th April, 6th May, 13th May 2021


Price: £30

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In this interactive course Chris will explore all aspects of online teaching to teens so you can deliver manageable, enjoyable and productive lessons.

Our desire as teachers is to be able to deliver lessons as well online as we can in person. This short interactive course aims to equip you with a range of practical ideas and techniques from Understanding Teenage Language Learners Online so you can teach your teenage learners online with confidence.

First, you will be briefly taken through the basic set up of online classes before moving on to cover classroom management in detail – often a major concern for teachers of teens, especially in live lessons – whilst helping you keep lessons focused on language content.

You will then go on to learn a colourful range of activities that work well with teens online, whilst exploring a number of ways to get a response from your learners when they have ‘gone quiet’ on you. You will also understand more about how to keep your learners safe online.

Finally, Chris will show you how to use clips and teacher-produced footage effectively. You will also evaluate a number of techniques that can work in the hybrid lessons (where you see some learners in the classroom and the rest online) as well as discussing about how feedback and evaluation for online lessons might differ from that of face-to-face classes.

So, whether you give, or are about to give, live online classes to teens or you support teachers who are doing so, this course could be for you.

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About the Author

Chris Roland

Chris RolandChris is an experienced teacher, trainer and methodology writer based at ELI, a language academy in Seville. He works with teachers across a wide range of contexts, including as trainer on Trinity Certificate and Diploma courses. To date he has written four titles for Pavilion about teaching young learners and teens both in face-to-face and online settings and has been a finalist for the British Council’s ELTons Innovations Awards. His talks are known for the range of ideas they contain and their practical, down-to-earth nature.