MHT 2021 Session 5 – The changing face of therapy

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The integration of technology into mental health care: what will the digital revolution mean for services?

Recorded Thursday, 20 May 2021

In line with the digital zeitgeist, the pandemic has necessitated that mental health services incorporate technology further into their practices and patient care plans. However, this move hasn’t been without complications, not only because of the impromptu swiftness of that change, but also because the transfer from in person to technology mediated care has been challenging for some patients due to the nature of their mental health condition or because of digital poverty.

Although despite the pandemic, healthcare is undoubtably going through a digital revolution, considering that our lives are increasingly digitalised, and services are merely playing catchup to this new reality.

In this session we will be discussing the role of technology in mental health care, examining recently published research from Mind exploring digitalisation during the pandemic as well as thinking through the wide-ranging benefits of digital mediated care and investigating the role of mental health professionals in the use of these technologies and in the safeguarding of its limitation.


Leila Reyburn

Leila Reyburn

Leila is the policy and campaigns manager for Mind; focuses on improving access and quality of mental health services for all people who have mental health problems. Her educational background is in the social sciences, having received a BA in Politics and Human Rights at Essex University, and a MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development at SOAS.

Previously she has worked in a non-clinical role in an NHS Mental Health Trust, before moving into a focus on health inequalities as a consultant, largely focused on public health. And she ran Stonewell’s Department of Health funded programme promoting the health of LGBTQI+ people.

Tim Barker, CEO of Kooth

Tim Barker

Tim is CEO of Kooth plc, one of the UK’s largest digital mental health platforms. With over 30 years of experience in the tech industry, his experience spans start-up to scale-up, and leadership roles across product, marketing, and commercial.

Prior to Kooth, Tim was CEO of DataSift, privacy-by-design analytics, and AI platform, acquired by Meltwater in 2018. Previously, he led EMEA Marketing at Salesforce to help establish the cloud computing industry and scale them to become a billion-dollar business.

Edward Moody

Edward Moody

Edward is a qualified as an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist in 2011 at the University of Leeds and started working in IAPT the same year. He has worked as a counsellor/psychotherapist in IAPT for the past 10 years. In 2014 he further completed training in NICE recommended treatment for depression Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) and qualified the same year.

In his current role he is part of the clinical management team at Turning Point Talking Therapies which includes being the team leader of the IAPT team and has a caseload of clients for Interpersonal Therapy (IPT).