About the speaker

Dr Sudip Sikdar

Dr Sudip Sikdar has been a consultant in old age psychiatry at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust since 2001. He is an Honorary Research Fellow in the University of Liverpool and an executive committee member of the old age faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and serves as the finance officer and outcome lead for the faculty. He is also an executive committee member of the Public Mental Health Network of the college.

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Nutrition in the older patient: social, physiological and psychological factors

Improving nutrition

This webinar will be dedicated to exploring the issues associated with malnutrition in older people and importantly what can be done. It will cover:

  • Overlapping syndromes of frailty, sarcopenia and malnutrition
  • Malnutrition as a cause and a consequence of disease  
  • The difference between nutrition screening and nutrition assessment
  • Integration of nutrition as a component of holistic care
  • Practical and realistic approaches to optimise diet and food intake in older adults
  • The importance of monitoring and evaluating interventions – by whom and when
  • Nutrition towards the end of life