Video: How Can Trauma Inform Our Workplaces and Schools?

What every manager, HR professional, and educator should know about the effects of trauma. Mental Health Today spotlights trauma-informed schools, and workplaces.

In this session, speakers Dr Marleen Wong, an expert in school crisis and disaster recovery, and Pamela Vona, an expert in the field of trauma-informed workplace practice, discussed the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress on educational attainment and their continuing influence into adulthood.

Covering the spectrum of trauma-informed education and workplace organisational change, leadership, resilience, and recovery, this event explored how professionals in educational and workplace settings can reflect and provide leadership to help young people and adults acknowledge – and manage – the profound toxic effects of trauma.

Speakers: Dr Marleen Wong and Pamela Vona
56 min — Session recorded on  10 November 2021

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