Empowering young people affected by self-harm through community activism

Heads Above the Waves is a Cardiff based not-for-profit organisation that raises awareness of depression and self-harm in young people. Members of the organisation draw on their own expertise and life experience to help young people on their road to recovery. In this seminar, we will hear how Heads Above the Waves is empowering young people and offering first-hand support for anyone in distress. As well as what best practices they are sharing with other organisations, including hospitals and GPs, to inform healthcare professionals on how to best meet the needs of young people affected by self-harm.

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Established in 2013, Heads Above The Waves is a not for profit CIC that supports young people struggling with their mental health and specifically with self-harm. HATW tackles the stigma around these issues and promotes positive ways of dealing with the bad days.

HATW works in schools and colleges with young people, running workshops to help them feel less alone and be able to cope better. They have a website where they share advice, coping techniques, peoples stories, and sign post to helplines (hatw.co.uk). They also run a shop in Cardiff where they sell merch, and provide a safe space for people to come and chat. HATW attends and runs events aimed at developing community and sharing experiences. In general they advocate for young people and want people to know it’s OK to not be OK. But with a focus on the importance of speaking about what you’re going through and finding what works for you.

Hannah is an Events Manager who, alongside co-founder Si, started HATW so that young people didn’t feel alone going through some of the things that they went through as teenagers. It all started with a conversation and has now snowballed due to Si and Hannah’s inability to say no to anything!