How to create an innovative suicide crisis centre

Psychiatric crisis services have provided vital help to individuals in crisis, but a significant percentage of clients feel that the crisis team’s approach and methods don’t meet their needs. Others encounter barriers to accessing mental health crisis teams, because of limited ways in which they can contact the service in the first place, or because they are told that they don’t meet the “threshold” for the crisis team’s help.

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Joy is the founder and CEO of Suicide Crisis, a registered charity which runs an award-winning Suicide Crisis Centre in the UK. She set up the Suicide Crisis Centre while she was a patient under community psychiatric services in 2012. The work of the charity has attracted national and international attention, including from the Ministry of Health in New Zealand. Joy was invited by the Government’s adviser on suicide to give a presentation about the work of the Suicide Crisis Centre to the national advisory group that he chairs. The labour Shadow minister for Mental Health has visited their Crisis Centre.

The Suicide Crisis Centre won the “Most Innovative Mental Health Intervention” award at the U.K. Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards 2021. Joy is the author of two suicide prevention books. “Suicide Prevention Techniques: How A Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives” was published by Hachette UK in 2018. “The Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook: How To Support Someone Who Is Having Suicidal Feelings” was published by Welbeck Publishing Group in 2021.

She received the Janey Antoniou award in 2018 which celebrates “extraordinary achievement in fighting stigma and discrimination and bringing about change”. The charity’s website is at: