Importance of spirituality and cultural sensitivity in practice

Mental health is understood by every different community through a diverse range of attitudes, values, and norms. In a therapeutic setting, professionals should be aware of the range of cultural beliefs that they may encounter and how they interact with service users’ perspectives on the world and their mental health to be able to treat that individual with sensitivity and respect.

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Sarajane Aris is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

She was the national lead for Spirituality for the British Psychological Society (2002-2010), and the psychology representative on the National Mental Health and Spirituality Forum during this time. She was responsible for setting up Derbyshire Mental Healthcare Foundation Trusts Spirituality Strategy and Steering Group (2009-11)). She has facilitated and run a variety of training courses and workshops, in areas such as mindfulness, leadership, wellbeing, and death and dying over the years.