Promoting positive classroom communities

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An Interactive Talk from Pavilion ELT

Promoting positive classroom communities

In this interactive talk, Mark Almond will provide you with a range of practical solutions and ideas from Putting the Human Centre Stage, creating a conducive, positive classroom climate leading to more enjoyable and effective outcomes.

Speaker: Mark Almond

Recorded: 1 April 2022

Price: £6 (including VAT)

Description: After all this time of teaching online through the pandemic, it can be difficult for teachers and students to connect with each other in the classroom. Are you struggling with these new classroom dynamics? How can teachers reconnect with their students in order to work together to facilitate learning? In this interactive talk, Mark Almond will provide you with a range of practical solutions and ideas from Putting the Human Centre Stage to help you create a conducive, positive classroom climate and connect with those in your classroom. He will share ideas to help everyone work together, focusing on some of the more human aspects of teaching such as teacher presence, classroom dynamics, rapport and general interpersonal skills. These classroom dynamics can be key for building connections between students and teachers, especially after the different dynamics of teaching online. So, if you want to create a positive classroom climate, join Mark at this interactive online talk.

About the Author

Mark Almond

Mark Almond

Mark is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Language & Linguistics at Canterbury Christ Church University, where he directs and teaches on various undergraduate, post-graduate Diploma and MA linguistics and language teacher training programmes. He has taught, trained English language teachers and led international consultancies. He has two books with Pavilion Publishing: Teaching English with Drama (2005) and Putting the Human Centre Stage (2019).

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