Cyber Security for Fire and Rescue Services

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Cyber Security

Your organisation is already under attack! Cyber attacks on Fire and other Public Service organisations are increasing in number and sophistication and the consequences of a successful attack can be disastrous. 

Every day, multiple events occur on your network. One organisation could have as many as 140 million events in one month. Of these events, around 4,500 will be alarms that require analysis, and 35-40 alarms will need investigation.

As part of our commitment to facilitate sustainable improvement for fire and rescue services and professional development of individuals, Fire Knowledge brings you this FREE webinar in collaboration with Hytec, one of the UK’s leading Cyber Security specialists dedicated to Public Sector protection.

Recorded:  25th January 2022

Price: FREE

Sponsord by: HYTEC

Presenters: Alan Hunt, Dave Sifleet, Colin Chambers, Chris Cleveland and Kevin Daly, Hytec Information Security

During the webinar, participants will see a live demonstration of a cyber attack and will learn:

  • What a cyber attack looks like and how it is initiated
  • What the warning signs are and how you can identify them
  • How to stop an attack and prevent future attempts

Does your service know how to spot the signals of potential attack?

Hytec supports the protection of your data through managed cyber security, information governance and compliance services. Hytec consultants are heavily involved in the area of information assurance.  They are aware of, and continually monitor changes to the many “baseline” standards that exist in the UK.

Fire Knowledge takes a unifying approach to make a significant contribution to the body of knowledge and expertise within the fire and rescue sector, supporting continuous improvement in professional practice and helping to improve public and firefighter safety.

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