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Emotional Development and Intellectual Disability 

This important book recognises the complexity and importance of emotions and emotional development in the needs and lives of people with intellectual disabilities (learning disabilities), and in their care and support. Combining research, assessment and practice, and bringing together a team of experts and advisers in the field, enables exploration of this complex topic from a number of positive perspectives, including emotional development as an adaptive behaviour, as a support need, and as a quality of life domain.

Recorded: Wednesday 8th September 2021

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Managers, care and support staff, commissioners and policy makers in services for people with intellectual disabilities, including residential, day care and educational settings, intellectual disability and mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, behavioural therapists, nurses, occupational therapists), schools and SENCO staff, coaches, educators, researchers, academics and students in intellectual disability.

Jac deBruijn

Jac deBruijnBruijn de, Jac, is an independent consultant for healthcare and society (www.youcare.site) with more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, especially for people with a disability. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of Prisma (organisation for care and support for people with an intellectual disability) and was previously head of treatment and mental health psychologist. He worked as a lecturer at the Erasmus Medical Center, to which he is now affiliated as a guest lecturer. He published several books together with others in different field of care and is specialised in methods and interventions for people with intellectual disability. He is passionate about inclusion, inclusive research and ethics of care.


Jolanda Vonk

Jolanda VonkJolanda Vonk, studied educational science at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU, cum laude). She works as a senior behavioral scientist at ORO/Lore in the Netherlands. She has work in intellectual disability for more than 30 years as a healthcare psychologist, remedial educationalist, sexologist, supervisor and coach. Jolanda also works as a consultant for the Centre of Expertise and Consultation (CCE), a national organization in the Netherlands that is deployed on demand for complex problems of people with intellectual disability or mental health problems. She provides training to post-graduates and to organizations about emotional development, sexology and social interaction for the past ten years. Jolanda has written several publications on emotional development. She is also a member of the Network of Europeans on Emotional Development (NEED, 2015)  which, is a Special Interest Group (SIG), part of The European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability (EAMHID).

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