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Session 2 —  25 November 14.00 to 15.15

Supporting people with learning disabilities to keep busy, connect and learn. 

Covid-19 has significantly restricted community opportunities for people. Individuals, their families and supporters have needed to revisit ways to make life more interesting at home. Feedback from our specialist personal development community courses praises how well we engage people in meaningful activity and adapt what we do to meet individual need.

We aim to share our learning and reflect on how our approach can be used in people’s homes. Our focus is on practical activities and how we as supporters can best use our knowledge and skills to maximise engagement, achievement, and enjoyment.

We hope the webinar will also inspire people to share their own ideas and tips to make life more interesting for us all.


Julie Thorpe
Julie Thorpe
Teresa Randon

Director of a-2-e, a social enterprise delivering flexible approaches to engagement since 2005. 30 years’ experience as a manager, practioner and family carer

Teresa has 30 years’ experience of supporting, teaching and advocating with people with learning disabilities, autism and other communication needs

Together they are driven by a commitment to enable people to be understood and to achieve their greatest level of self-esteem, understanding, self-expression, choice and confidence

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